About The School

The owner, Savannah Jo, or as many know her as Sister Jo, started this business with the hope of growing and spreading surf culture in Pinellas county and its’ surrounding areas. A longtime dream and now joy come true!

Her passion for surfing came at a later age and developed into something beautiful. Ironically, her family couldn’t be happier. They surfed and hoped she would too. Savannah’s unwavering love for figure skating got in the way, and she came to discover that she wasn’t much different from her family. Once it pulls you in, you never stop! Oh, and Savannah still does figure skating, haha.

It wasn’t hard for her to choose a place to run the business. If you know her, you know the answer, it has to be at ‘the one and only Eighth Avenue’ in Indian Rocks Beach, FL. This place is near and dear to her. She comes from a long line of generations that grew up here, including herself. It is somewhere where you can never be too far from someone. All of the locals are friends. This magical little spot is simply a home for everyone.

Family First.

Savannah is lucky to call Travis Carden her husband! His loving soul attributes to her success, and of course, he is a surfer too. They both share the joy that the water brings. Savannah’s parents and siblings still live on Eighth Avenue, and we doubt they’ll ever leave. You may even see one of them on the beach. Much of her relatives are here as well. There is always something fun going on.


Our mission is to have you experience the euphoria we feel in the water and help you feel a certain special closeness to this area the way we do. It’s all about savoring the moment and remembering the days at Eighth Avenue.