About The School

Sister Jo’s Surf School came to be when long days spent surfing Indian Rocks Beach, FL, turned into daily attention from beachgoers and commonly receiving questions like, “Where can I learn to surf here? Can you teach me?” After years and observing this phenomenon, an 18-year-old me thought to myself why doesn’t anyone run a surf school in Pinellas County? That’s when the adventure began. Little by little, I turned my presence into one of the most sought-after surf schools in Florida for visitors and locals alike. We aim to bring you into the Gulf Coast surfer experience and culture of our community.

​Our lessons range from learning the basics of surfing and having a memorable tradition for family and friends, to getting personalized attention in a private setting for you or your group and progressing your skills to your dreams. We make this possible through many class types through conditioning and exposure to everything major competitors won’t tell you like how to forecast surf, and coaches that hold you accountable and are there for you. In addition to our staple service, we realize our area is a hot spot for a wide range of watersports, which is why we bring you the local pros of skimboarding, paddle boarding, and skateboarding, whether you’re looking for a leisurely hobby or scaling for a career in these fun industries, we are here to make your passion into your lifestyle!

Sister Jo

Savannah Jo Bush, the wife of Travis Carden, daughter to Melanie and Patrick, and the middle sibling to Olivia and Brett, comes from a long line of water enthusiasts in Pinellas County dating back to the 1800s when the Meares family helped inhabit the island and develop the surrounding area including Anona Elementary School. It is an honor to carry on our family’s pioneer spirit, bringing you the area’s first Surf School.

Our Essence

In Savannah’s early days, you may have called her Sister Jo. This name started as a joke and stuck as a nickname, and is now Pinellas County’s original Surf School. It captures our culture as a laid-back, fun School. We aim to show you the euphoria we feel in the water and savoring the days spent at Eighth Avenue.